Hailing from Vancouver BC, dark pop singer and songwriter Rayne has been called a force to be reckoned with. She started performing at the age of nine years old, first impressing judges at local singing contests, and later crowds of people at festivals, corporate events, and patrons of bars and restaurants. At seventeen, Rayne was the youngest artist to ever attend the SAC (songwriters association Canada)’s camp in March 2020, and has cuts on songs in a variety of genres. After turning eighteen in the middle of a pandemic, Rayne shifted her performances over to her Youtube channel, where she’s quickly becoming known for her witty, high quality cover videos that she produces and films herself. 

        Rayne first started co-writing in late 2018 and quickly took to it. She wrote and demo-ed with a variety of songwriters including the likes of Tavish Crowe, Andrew Allen, Troy Sampson, Brian Howes and Ryan Stewart. Her original group of demos was sent to Emmanuel Patterson at Live Nation Toronto. After listening to the group of songs, he invited Rayne to play a show-case at the River Rock Stage as a pre-show to Billie Eilish’s July 2019 concert. 

        Those songs were also sent to Eric Spence at Timbaland Productions / Mosley Music Group in LA. After hearing Rayne’s vocals and writing style, he asked her to write topline on tracks by MilliBeatz, a Zurich based producer who has created tracks for Bryson Tiller, Kehlani, Migos, and Rihanna. From there emerged her second single ‘The Low’, released under a singles deal with Anthem Entertainment, which has been streamed more than 300k times on Spotify since February last year. 

        In June 2020, Rayne released ‘Bored’, her third single, which has received almost half a million streams on Spotify alone. She filmed and edited the lyric video herself due to Covid restrictions, and created much of her own promotional material for both that release and her next, most recent song ‘Envious’. Within its first month ‘Envious’ had received over 13k streams, and KiSS Radio Toronto has added the song to rotation. 

        Rayne plans to release her self titled Factor funded EP in mid 2021, with songs produced by Ryan Stewart, and co-written with Tavish Crowe, Troy Sampson, and Ryan Stewart.